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Are you caught in the trap of working out 6-7 days a week without seeing tangible results? 

Grab my free guide and learn how to feel confident in your body, doing movements you love & releasing the anxiety around fitness.

Meet Jess

Former cardio junkie turned weight lifting lover. Jess is passionate about showing women that it is possible to feel sexy, confident and create a life they want to fall in love with. Jess lives in Denver and gets her therapy from being in the mountains. You can find her exploring, traveling, sipping on some good wine, indulging in some dark chocolate, and having solo dance parties whenever possible!


The Liberated Woman

This is my signature program that takes women on a step-by-step process to overcome food, fitness and body image stress in just 90 days.

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"I feel like my old self again - someone I quite honestly had forgotten even existed. And I owe a lot of this to Jess. She has helped me so much on my healing journey, and I’m very optimistic about what the future holds for me."

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