Clean Beauty

“If you think I am just selling lipstick you are not listening.”


This was a quote from another Beautycounter consultant that has now become a tagline for the company and I LOVE it.


My business as a clean living coach + advocate is not just to support you in creating a safer lifestyle, but to be a voice in making real change in this industry so it is safer for everyone!


Because I believe everyone deserves to add a little luxury and self-care into their daily lives!


A face mask, a long hot bath, or putting on a bold lipstick and going out with girlfriends (all of my favorites!)


So, when I started to learn that most lipsticks are loaded with lead, and bath bombs have fragrances that can house over 3,000 different ingredients that companies do not have to disclose what they are I was outraged.


The beauty and cosmetics industry is based on lies and is putting our health at risk because of it.


As someone who is focused on EMPOWERING people to make better decisions I knew I had to do more.


Beautycounter was that opportunity for me to do this- to add my voice in getting more laws + regulations put in place.


We are making waves lobbying and advocating for more laws and regulations and because of our efforts for the first time in 82 years Congress and the government are starting to listen.


This opportunity is also allowing me to create a lifestyle of luxury and freedom.


  • The freedom to create residual income,

  • The freedom + means to travel

  • The freedom to create my own schedule

  • To be able to shop organically

  • To support myself with self-care 

And most important the freedom to have the time to focus on supporting others- to being able to create free content + resources and give back to my community.


And the ability to provide this opportunity and freedom to other women.


We need more voices in this movement, so if this resonates with you at all please watch my video to learn more about my story and how this company has changed my life.

YES!  I want to add my voice to this movement:



Not ready to join?  Then I ask you to consider voting with your wallet!!  Take our skincare QUIZ to see which products would be best for YOU.


Or let’s hop on a call so I can support you along the way.


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