About Jess

Oh hey!  I’m Jess.


I am a Boston native who now calls Colorado and the mountains her home.


I am a snob when it comes to wine, coffee + chocolate. NO SHAME!


I LOVE the mountains, nature and moving my body every single day, a good Netflix binge + gluten-free pizza.


I try to live my life by what I all my “authentic code” also known as my core values:


  • Connection (with myself, people + nature)

  • Luxury (travel, my home, my clothes)

  • Health/Self-care (daily mindfulness, organic foods, movement, massage, holistic healing modalities, feeling strong)

  • FREEDOM (financial, time, having MORE opportunity, CREATING the life I want + desire)


It took me most of my life to actually embrace these- to understand that MY authentic code DID not have to fit the mold of society’s, of my parents, of friends + peers or anyone except ME.

This also made me realize  that I have an obsession with living in what I call luxury:


And by luxury I mean choosing to love do things that bring you joy for me that looks like:


  • Sipping on a glass of red wine while I cook a grass-fed steak

  • Going for a long run on a Fall morning followed by the perfect cup of coffee snuggled up on my couch with a new book.

  • Deep cleaning my apartment on Sundays, lighting candles, and sitting in my sacred meditation corner.

  • Putting on a kick ass outfit and some lipstick to meet girlfriends for cocktails- but really “apps + drinks” is one of my favorite hobbies.

  • I am also an at-home self-care junkie, baths, facemasks, peels you name it and I do it.


I also have a habit of spending HOURS googling before I travel.  


Looking for the best places to stay, the best spas, the best foodie spots.

But, after becoming a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition my luxury living world came crashing down.


I realized many of these “luxury” activities were actually harming my body and the environment.


I was SO aware of keeping my body safe and healthy through food, fitness and mindset yet I was completely overlooking my environment.


I was slathering my face and body with chemicals that have never been tested for human safety.


I was inhaling fragrance and formaldehyde producing agents from my candles and cleaning products.


I was putting lead on my lips + drinking pesticides in my wine.


Hell I was even sleeping on and absorbing carcinogenic materials EVERY night in my bed- and girl I LOVE my bed.


As someone who has struggled with Endocrine disruption, hormone imbalances and gut-health issues I was mortified, angry.


I knew as a holistic practitioner and woman, I had to do something about it!


I started researching, digging and learning.


I realized we have ZERO protection in this area and are being fed lies by the health + cosmetics industry every single day- read more about that HERE.

Where I do the work + research so you don’t have to!


Because your home can be the safest, most comfortable, sacred space of all. 


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So, I went throuh the DIY phase:

  • Using coconut oil for literally everything only to dry out my skin

  • Making at-home coffee/sugar scrubs and ending up with a brown-stained tub

  • Attempting a hand-poured candle and getting hot wax everywhere


Finally I realized I am just NOT a DIY kinda girl and honestly who has time for that?!

With more research I found there are amazing companies creating clean, safer alternatives that actually work and require zero work on my end.




Just like I will hire movers for the rest of my life + pay for people to put together my IKEA furniture I will gladly pay for the luxury of filling my home with pre-made items.


Especially if it means supporting small eco-friendly businesses.


What does my daily life look like now?


I slather my face in all natural goods, now I drink organic wine (goodbye hangover), and I inhale fresh air and essential oils that heal my body!


While supporting small eco-friendly businesses.


And so, I have made it my mission.


My mission to share this way of living.


A way of living that gives you the luxury you deserve while supporting your health + hormones, giving you glowing skin, and lowering your toxic load.


A way of living that you can feel proud of- where you can “vote with your wallet” with every purchase and say YES.


Yes to supporting women in business, to supporting mother nature, to supporting making the world cleaner, safer + healthier for yourself + your loved ones.


As a Health Coach + Functional  Nutrition Therapy Practitioner I want to utilize my knowledge to support YOU in creating what I have deemed an, “Conscious luxury lifestyle.”