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Are you sleeping on toxins???

If you know Human Design at all, I am a projector!

This means I LOVE and NEED rest and I LOVE MY BED.

Even before I knew I was a projector I always had this vision and dream of the perfect bed.

Sinking into lush sheets, a white cloud-like comforter, and being surrounded by soft throw pillows.

I finally created this vision for myself only to realize I was actually sinking into a bunch of harmful and potentially toxic chemicals!!

As someone who has struggled with Endocrine and Hormone imbalances for YEARS- I have spent A LOT of time cleaning up my beauty + cosmetic products because those go directly onto your skin and into your bloodstream.

I did not even think about the fact that most of us are in our beds at least 8 hours a day and HELLO bare skin touching sheets and bodies laying on these mattresses that are made of who knows what.

SO, per usual. I started digging.

My goal?? To find out what should be avoided and what is harmful AND to finally create the PERFECT bed for myself.

First off the most common materials used in mattresses that are potentially harmful:

FOAM: I know I am sorry to all of you memory foam lovers!

Foam is made up of a concoction of chemicals which, over time, produce VOCs which are Volatile Organic Compounds, NO bueno.

Foam also has a TON of toxic flame retardants!!

These chemicals start to breakdown over time and are then absorbed into your skin and released into the air you are breathing.

These have been linked to cancer, tumors and damage to kidney, liver and the central nervous system

SYNTHETIC LATEX: WAY cheaper than natural but not something you want to be exposed to.

Chemicals used in latex have been linked to headache, fatigue, and again damage to the central nervous system


One of the most common flame retardants is a toxic heavy metal! These have been linked to:

Delayed puberty and reproduction, disrupted thyroid hormones, harmful to sperm and potential carcinogen.


Common ingredients include phthalates and heavy metals GROSS. Causing:

Asthma, allergies, birth defects, and also potentially cancer.

So what the hell do you do??

NO worries I got you covered.

I discovered the Awara mattress and it has literally changed my life!

It is made from:

  • 100% organic cotton

  • 100% organic wool fiber

  • No Poly Foams

  • No chemical fire retardants

  • Rainforest alliance certified latex

They are also totally transparent around their sourcing and every single one of their ingredients.

AND a FOREVER warranty I mean WHAT?

Trust me this is worth the investment and you can get $300 OFF your mattress using the code: JESS

Looking for some amazing organic + sustainable bedding to go with it?

Use code “JESSICACHRISTIN” for 25% off Simply Organic Bamboo!

Hope this was helpful and even if you do not choose these brands please use this information to do the research and find brands that are going to support the health of your body + the planet.

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